April 29, 2013

Forbidden Love ~The Unforgivable Couple~ - new mobile game release

This game has been released recently and I must say it's better than I thought it would be =D

The premise is having a love affair with your own brother, however, the protagonist and her brother are not blood-related so it's a "safe" enough game ^^;
Also, although I do not have some sort of brother-complex, I've been enjoying the story a lot because the game seems to take itself very seriously... once outside of the tutorial course XD

In the game tutorial you're greeted by Johannes Gilbert, a darker-shorter-haired character, who explains you all the basics from the gameplay, which is pretty straightforward when you're a seasoned otome in the field of visual novels.
In a nutshell, each chapter is divided into five parts, and you're also given five free tickets once a day (reloaded 4:00AM EST). Although the game has two routes currently available, you are unable to choose between them, because you must play the first route once in order to be able to play the second route - this is barely a problem because, from the first three chapters I played during the weekend, the story sounds very good anyway.
You're also given a login bonus everyday, in which you gain 10 gacha points per day. Gacha costs 300 points each spin, however, it's very easy to collect gacha points in here because of the simple action minigame you play - it costs 10 stamina each play and I hardly walk out of it with under 10 gacha points.
Besides gacha points (called "Capsule toy point" in-game), there are Coins (the cash currency), which can be gained through accomplishing certain tasks, such as registering your e-mail as your login and posting a tweet from inside the game's interface. Yay for being able to buy cash items without actually spending real money! \o/

So you - the protagonist - is the daughter of a really sad woman who marries men solely because of their money. One night, you're in a high-profile party and spotted by a wealthy man, who gives you a money offer if you agreed to be his woman, but the clever protagonist obviously refuses, because she despises the way her mother acts and she is very different from her. Enters Mike Jones (the brown-haired character sporting such a nice cleavage), your current stepbrother, who misheard the conversation and thought the protagonist were going to accept the man's offer, immediately badmouthing her - next morning you find out he traveled overseas and you never had an opportunity to make things clear with him... until 5 years have passed, when Mike comes back and, surprisingly enough, kisses you withought prior warning, leaving the protagonist confused because of mixed feelings as to accept Mike as a brother or a lover, specially when he seems to already have a fiancée!

This summarizes what the first chapter is about, and I really like how the story is developing itself so far, so even if you do not feel attracted by the brotherly-love, please give this game a try anyway, because the plot is thickening each passing day~

Useful Data

Also known as: 禁断の恋~許されない二人~ [Kindan no Koi ~Yurusarenai Futari~] (Prohibited Love ~Unforgivable Couple~)
Release: 25/April/2013 (English version)
Developer: M&A Online
System: Android
Where to find: Android-F2P


  1. hello, I've been playing this for some time now, I'm currently at scene 17 and so far I can say that this is really awesome!!

  2. hii, i'm already on 2nd story scene 12, but today 16 May 2013 i can't open this app both on my note and my tab, :( [beside this app, i can open , play and browse anything ] do you know is there any problem from the develop? i can't wait to read the next scene. :(

  3. Hi! I've just downloaded the game yesterday and I have used up all my tickets in the first scene so I waited for it to refill the free tickets at 5am EDT as per the instruction in the game but when I got to check the game the next morning (way, way past 5AM) the tickets still haven't reset. Is this normal? Should I change my timezone for it to work? (I currently am in a GMT timezone) I hope you can help me! Thanks!

    1. http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/edt-to-gmt-converter

      Check the world time converter.
      Maybe 5 a.m. EDT doesn't mean 5 a.m. in wherever time zone area you are. If you're in GMT+0 (UTC) then 5 a.m. EDT = 9 a.m. UTC
      FOr example, mine is GMT+7 so that makes 9 a.m. (the GMT+0 time) + 7 hours and that means my tickets will be reset on 4 p.m.

      This might be your problem? Sorry if I get it wrong.. :p

  4. I wanted to restart the first story, but I'm not able to delete all the progress. Does anybody know how to do this?

  5. I love this game!! ♥ The Story is interesting and I like the Artworks.
    Even though it always shuts down suddenly on my phone...╮(╯▽╰)╭ ?
    But I cant use the shop because of that or buy any coins...
    I'm glad that it won't shut down while playing the Story. (ง •̀_•́)ง

    1. Maybe your phone is glitching out from one of the advertisements? Because they do not show up during story sequences, only while you are in the menu or playing a minigame, maybe your device doesn't support a certain kind of ad, and when it loads, the application is shutoff by your system... I suggest you to mail the developers about your problem, maybe they should fix it soon =D

  6. Hi! I was on the second story of Mike, but accidentally the game apps has been deleted to my device. Is there any way to back-up the data to another device? I know there is, cause I had read in their important notice that has been posted in the "My Page" but I just ignored that time. So if you have any idea, please do help me. Thanks!

    1. You can only restore your previous game if you had previously registered an e-mail address and password from within the game itself. If you did register it, click "Transfer data" (first button on the third row of buttons, at the section right above the minigame banner), then insert your registered e-mail and password, the progress from your game should be carried over then.

      In the worst case scenario, you can try to send an inquiry to the game devs and ask if they can transfer it to you!

  7. Is there an english version on android anymore? As i can't find it