August 19, 2016

New game pick-up over the radar! "The Bell Chimes For Gold"

Jeez~ it's been such a long time! I miss you all~
It's been a mix of real life events and lack of any big and related news really.

BUT NOW... the time has come for us all to rise again!! \o/

Ossan Club is a unit of indie game makers looking for support in order for their games being released in English - I have gladly backed for them and I ask you to do the same because, well, a digital copy is only USD $5,00! That's about how much you pay for, like, a single route in a mobile game? Here you'll be getting five routes for the same expenses!

But it doesn't end there - the game has two versions! The USD $5,00 one is of a lighter tone, while the USD $20,00 version is R18! It's really amazing to have a game about middle-aged men with actual adult themes~ <3

Wrapping the news in a great tone, if you're a fan of Drama CD, it's worth checking out Ossan Club's voice team Patreon - you'll get access to unique-themed sound dramas, and if they meet the goal they'll release English scripts, all the while supporting more releases of stories featuring dazzlingly sweet voices of older, manlier seiyuu... (_´▽`).。o♡

Useful Data

Also known as: 金のために鐘は鳴る [Kane no Tame ni Kane wa Naru] (For the Sake of Money, the Bell Rings)
Release: 18/Oct/2015 (Japanese)
Release: Jun/2017 (estimated English release)
Developer: 乙SUN倶楽部 (Ossan Club)
System: PC
Where to find: Patreon (English) | IndieGoGo (English) | DLsite (Japanese)

June 11, 2014

The time has come!

I'm unable to express all my excitement through words, so maybe an image should suffice:

So I've just recieved the fifth CD, and now that I have the full collection, I'll try submitting all the seals for the bonus CD... through shopping service! It's probably going to be a long while until I get to hear the OjiRaji extra, and I truly hope it's worth all the trouble.

Oh yeah, Seifuku no Ojisama staff have announced Sugimoto will have his own CD released too, but it does not have an exact release date yet, they just mentioned it should be around the end of 2014. I wonder if they'll release more seals for another trade-in (a full second roster of characters)...

March 15, 2014

Seifuku no Ojisama - subcharacter goodness

So, during Sugimoto's route..... Dear God, I shouldn't call him by the family name anymore, to prevent confusion with this dashingly amazing guy!

Introduced during Satoshi Sugimoto's route, "Here comes a new challenger!" - Takahisa Sugimoto, his nephew, a new professor where the protagonist actually has her classes with "the other Sugimoto".

Seriously, Poppy Seed, stop teasing me and please take my money. I swear if Takahisa gets a route of his own, he's actually going to be the first character I'll attempt having a full gallery, including cash CGs.
I still can't believe they just nailed a truckload of my most appealing traits in a single character: dark hair, hair length by the shoulder line, good-looking fringes, stub, smiling face, brown eyes, small traces under the eyes, tie, wears blue, professor... damn, I can't even count all of the features with my both hands, not even Tachihara - who's my personal favorite among the cuttently captureable characters - have scored all that.

Now all that's left is they actually getting my favorite seiyuu for him, then I'll be done forever.

Useful Data

Also known as: 制服のオジサマ [Seifuku no Ojisama] (Mister in Uniform)
Release: 20/Oct/2012
Developer: Poppy Seed
System: Android, iOS
Where to find: Android-F2P | iOS-F2P

March 14, 2014

Seifuku no Ojisama - Satoshi Sugimoto walkthrough

And so, he's finally here, the new character, professor Sugimoto, straight from a few passages in the prologue, he's gained his own route today, March 14th.
As a special treat, the staff have also released a new code which you can insert to get 5 Story Tickets, 1 Silver Gacha Ticket (the free one) and 1 Gold Gacha Ticket (the cash-only one), the code is valid until March 31st (Japan time) -> 201403pre861

Please be aware this guide is a WIP - I'll update shortly as I go through his route. Thanks for your support and please wait a little more for other characters' walkthroughs as well.

On a side note, I got all his free CGs (Silver Gacha) in about 15 tries (9 CGs), so maybe the staff has toned it down a bit - I remember spending obscene amounts of Gold in order to complete other characters' free CG sets...

Anyway, instructions under the cut!